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in your digestive health and disordered eating recovery journey

Virtual nutrition counseling empowering you to break the cycle of misery and embrace food with confidence.

Allied nutrition care oklahoma

Are you tired of navigating through a maze of diet advice only to feel more lost?

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allied nutrition care rd oklahoma

You're not alone.

So many of us struggle to find clarity in all of the chaos, feeling misunderstood by those around us.

At Allied Nutrition Care, we see you.

We understand the fatigue of constant concern over what to eat and the longing to simply enjoy a meal without worry.

We're here to guide you toward a future where eating isn't just easy—it's enjoyable.

Where your relationship with food is defined by trust, not fear.

Let's reclaim your confidence at the table and beyond!

Here's how we can help:

Meet your team of dietitians

We are a group of dietitian specialists based in Oklahoma.

We offer virtual nutrition therapy for digestive health and disordered eating recovery. Our team understands the frustrations and difficulties of navigating life with digestive issues and the challenges of healing one's relationship with food. 

We love working with individuals who are ready to find relief from gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms and embrace a more positive relationship with food and their bodies. With a focus on empathy and understanding, our approach is about creating a safe space where you can feel supported and empowered to make lasting changes. 

In our 1:1 sessions, we will guide you through a personalized process, offering practical guidance that goes far beyond just knowing what to eat.

Together, we'll explore gentle nutrition practices, non-diet approaches, and other key strategies for nurturing your body and mind.

allied nutrition care team of dietitians oklahoma

Insurances Accepted

We are in-network with
Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Healthchoice, Healthcare Highways, Healthsmart, Medicaid (Soonercare), United Healthcare, and WebTPA.

We are unable to accept Medicare or Tricare


Are you a clinician who needs to refer a patient to a dietitian for nutrition counseling?

Our team accepts referrals for clients anywhere in Oklahoma, Texas, and West Virginia.

All sessions are virtual. We do not offer in-person visits at this time.

Our Care Philosophy

Our practice aligns with the Health at Every Size® framework.

We do not define health by BMI or body size. Rather than focusing on weight loss as a specific goal, we emphasize lasting behavior changes that promote health
and quality of life.

Nancy A. Testimonial

Kind words

from our clients

Destiny's compassion, knowledge and understanding of [my husband's] restrictions [with diverticulitis] won him over. 

He was very impressed with her knowledge and willingness to brainstorm ideas to meet his fiber goals. 

[Since working with Destiny] I have a better understanding of the things that trigger my choices and have learned how to be positive and kind to myself. [Also], my doctor removed a blood pressure medicine due to the healthy eating habits I developed through my work with Destiny.

Nancy A.

Kind words

from our clients

My quality of life is substantially better because of Destiny’s help and guidance!

Destiny provided me with quality education and helped me create a plan of action for gastroparesis symptom management.

This plan reduced my nausea, slowly increased my calorie intake to help me gain and maintain weight after extreme malnutrition and weight loss, and ultimately helped get my new diagnoses to a manageable state that no longer significantly impacts most of my days! 

Rebecca Alexander

Kind words

from our clients

Ashley works with me for what is practical for my lifestyle.

I came to Ashley with an elevated lipid panel and glucose. I was coming out of the shutdown and eating a "keto" diet. Safely adding grains back into my diet has improved my lipid panel and my glucose levels!

[Ashley] never judges and truly caresI know anyone at this practice would treat their patients with the same respect that Ashley treats me with!

Julianne Annesley

Kind words

from our clients

[Ashley] helped me develop a solid plan that improved my confidence in food selection.

[Ashley] patiently learned where I was at, helped me understand my triggers, and bottom line is [she] helped me not hate food! 

Unfortunately, this path is not a quick-fix like we're accustomed to. But when you have no real idea what's causing sudden and embarrassing situations that impacts your life -- it's necessary.

Mike H.

Kind words

from our clients

I am so grateful for what I learned and gained from working with a dietitian.

Whitney found an eating framework that worked for me and gave me tools to combat my disordered thinking about food and my body. 

[She] is kind and knowledgeable, and meets her clients where they are at. Her support through the early stages of recovery was invaluable! 

Jules C.

Kind words

from our clients

I truly consider my life as "pre- and post-Cassie." 

Working with Cassie was the first time I ever got to put down the burden of my body and just feel human.

I went into my first appointment assuming I'd be weighed, lectured about nutrition, and put on a diet. [Instead,] Cassie introduced me to Health at Every Size and is helping me tackle my misconceived notions of health. I now have a year in remission from bulimia and my binging is significantly reduced.


Kind words

from our clients

This dietitian will make you feel of worth and understand. 

Stomach pain, unknown eating aversion to sensory, and need to get healthy were my three main struggles. I had been to dietitians before who made me weigh every time and forced me to drink protein shakes to get my nutrition but never someone like Cassie who listened to my story, trauma, fears, ideas, and needs. 

[Our] work continues, however, there is so much that I see progress on already in [just] a few months.


Chris H. testimonial

Kind words

from our clients

Working with Ashley has been life-changing.

Over the past two years, she has helped me improve my quality of life and eating habits dramatically. We began by dissecting my habits and tendencies with food, and gradually introduced small, healthier habits. 

Ashley educated me on the different food groups and what a balanced diet truly entails. She has been a "Food Therapist" for me, completely transforming my relationship with eating. 

Chris H.

Kind words

from our clients

I never expected to develop such a strong relationship where I truly feel like I can be authentic.

It’s still early in my recovery journey, but since I started seeing Cassie I feel like I’ve come a long way. I’ve learned important information about nutrition and what to eat to help regulate my blood sugar, how to ease my gastroparesis symptoms, and how to continue to challenge myself with new foods and increased intake.

Seeing a HAES-aligned dietician can not only help you with your relationship with food, but also help you understand that health is so much more than what we’re told it is.


Kind words

from our clients

Cassie has been an absolute blessing in my life.

I was recommended to Cassie, little did I know she would have such a positive impact in my life and recovery. Our meetings are educational and fun. I can also proudly brag at the fact she has helped me expand the types of food I eat and decreased the anxiety that comes with them.

I always leave our meetings so motivated and actually excited to recover from my illness. Cassie has made me realize that my Ed isn’t just a negative thing that has ruined my life, but as a hurdle that will make me a stronger, more positive, and confident woman in the future.


Kind words

from our clients

I am extremely thankful for the part [Destiny] played in my health journey.

I wish more Doctors would turn to dietitian referrals as a first line of defense. I've seen such a drastic improvement in my [gastroparesis] and I'm so grateful for that! 

I think the biggest thing that made the experience so positive was her focusing on what foods I actually could eat rather than focusing on the long list of things I couldn't. 


Kind words

from our clients

From the first minute I talked to Destiny, I was confident that she could help me! 

After working together for a few short weeks, my symptoms have almost entirely disappeared and the ones I still have are easily manageable. I feel like I have a whole new wonderful life that I'm in control of. 

There are so many things I liked about working with Destiny. I'm just amazed she helped me solve problems I've had for almost 30 years!


Kind words

from our clients

She has always been incredibly kind and I have never felt judged in any way.

While working with Cassie, she’s helped me to see the positive steps to recovery that I’ve taken, instead of the negative side of things that an eating disorder often tries to keep a person focused on. As well as working on a better relationship with food and nutrition.


Kind words

from our clients

I am learning to listen to my body and respect its needs.

Prior to meeting Cassie I had been diagnosed with a binge eating disorder. What I didn't realize is that my biggest issue was restricting intake.

I was met with someone who genuinely cares about me and my success. In fact, she shows me more respect than I show myself and is helping me to learn self-respect and care. Never once have I experienced shaming. I feel like I have a coach to walk with me toward recovery.


Kind words

from our clients

I was struggling with body image, eating regularly and lots of anxiety with food.

Cassie helped me be more comfortable with eating regularly and helping me not be anxious over foods to the extent that I was at. she also has been trying to help me figure out what’s been happening for the last few years and has always listened to me and made me feel comfortable talking to her about anything

I have learned and grown so much from seeing Cassie and she still puts in work everyday to help me feel comfortable with myself and I truly appreciate that.


Kind words

from our clients

Working with Destiny was truly a game-changer.

I'll admit, initially, I was reluctant to work with a dietitian for my health concerns, including managing Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Constipation (IBS-C). I wasn't sure how much of a difference it could make, considering I had tried various previous remedies with limited success. However, my experience turned out to be incredibly positive and far beyond what I had anticipated.


Kind words

from our clients

Ashley G. helped me to understand that my challenges were more than just having an intolerance.

Mainly, she educated me how to identify "trigger" foods, or drinks, that would exacerbate my issue. After several weeks of visiting with Ashley, I now experience little to no bloating at all and am living and feeling better than I have in several years.

I appreciate how attentive Ashley was with me and with her knowledge/understanding to ask the right questions to get to my issues for resolution.

Jason M.

Kind words

from our clients

 I feel much more confident, happy, and healthy thanks to Destiny's help.

I used to constantly be thinking of food and what I should or shouldn't eat. It got to the point where I had a lot of anxiety around my body and around food. I no longer feel all of this anxiety around food and eating and I have drastically improved my health as a result!


Kind words

from our clients

Jennifer is my biggest advocate and has been in touch with the rest of my treatment team.

My quality of life was very poor before working with Jennifer. Since working with her, I have learned how to manage my symptoms better and know how to adjust things if I'm in a flare up. Although I still struggle with symptoms, Jennifer is always available to guide me through any challenges.

I expected that I would receive a meal plan for weight gain due to my previous experiences. Instead Jennifer worked on a plan that would include foods that I can tolerate with gastroparesis.


Kind words

from our clients

I highly recommend seeking guidance from Allied Nutrition Care.

Prior to working with Ashley, my health was the worst it has ever been. I found out I have CSID in early 2022 and felt weak, lethargic, and hopeless.

With her help, I was able to figure out what foods serve me best and what to do when I’m not feeling so well. I have struggled with my relationship with food for the majority of my life as well and Ashley has been able to help mend that relationship and also gave me the tools to continue to heal every day.


Michelle Testimonial for Cassie

Kind words

from our clients

Living with a chronic GI condition affected nearly every part of my life.

Finding a safe place with Cassie gave me the freedom to process all of my feelings. She empowered me with knowledge to better manage my condition. She helped me to set manageable and realistic goals, based on what I needed. We’ve worked on figuring out which foods work best for me, not being afraid of food, developing a healthy relationship with food and my body, and finding ways to manage my condition that are realistic and tailored to my life.

Cassie has been my guide to dramatically improving my life, in ways I never imagined. I am very grateful for her knowledge, understanding, empathy, and truly caring nature.


Kind words

from our clients

I would, and do, recommend my dietitian to anyone I know that struggles with eating. 

She has helped me create meal plans that feel safe and doable. I am still very early in the recovery process and I still have a lot to learn. Jennifer has helped me go at a pace that is comfortable and always encourages me even when I feel like I am not doing enough. 

[If you work with Jennifer] you can expect to be validated, supported, and educated on how to listen to and nourish your body in a healthy way. 


Tawny H. Testimony Photo

Kind words

from our clients

Cassie not only helped me understand more about food and how I feel about food, she also helped me feel a mental peace within myself.

Before working with Cassie, I believed that the work would be “cut this food out, and this food” but Cassie delves deeper into helping you understand the “why” to prepare for a lifetime of health and happiness.

Cassie really takes the time to listen and help explain so that you fully understand. You always feel a sense that Cassie truly cares and wants to help her clients. The sessions are very therapeutic.


Kind words

from our clients

Cassie has helped me learn to live my life again.

Since starting to see Cassie, my life has completely changed. She has helped me grow my support system and learn to advocate for myself. She has taught me that food is fuel, not an enemy. She has shown me that I am not just a number on a scale and how there is so much more to life than struggling with food.

Cassie has been the best support system in my recovery and I am genuinely happy with how much things have improved!


Kind words

from our clients

At every step of the way, Cassie will be in your corner. She has been for me.

Cassie has helped me develop a healthier, balanced relationship with food that allows me to actually live my life. Cassie’s nutritional knowledge coupled with her compassion and warmth have allowed me to learn to view food as something life-giving and sustaining, not something to be afraid of.

Cassie provided me a safe, nonjudgmental space to unlearn the harmful lessons of diet culture and begin to live a balanced, fulfilling life that isn’t driven by my eating disorder anymore. Cassie has blown away any expectations I had and has proved to be a constant ally, supporter, and invaluable guide toward a life of freedom and recovery.


Kind words

from our clients

Cassie has changed my life. I am forever grateful for her.

She has taught me how to listen to my body's hunger cues, how to not feel guilty about eating, how to be present at meals, and how to not mentally or physically restrict. She makes me feel cared for. She makes me feel listened to. She makes me feel like my eating disorder is beatable and won't control my life forever. 

When I hear the eating disorder voice, Cassie's voice is louder. She makes me know I am not alone on this journey, and that is the biggest blessing of them all. 

Sage Smith

Kind words

from our clients

Destiny and her team have been AMAZING to work with!

Our sessions were always a safe and nonjudgmental space which was a really integral part, allowing me to open up fully about thoughts and emotions. She was patient and thorough and I feel better now than I have for the past many years. I would recommend working with Destiny and her team for anyone struggling with digestive issues and other GI struggles.


Kind words

from our clients

You have nothing to lose seeking treatment.

I have Inattentive Type ADHD and struggle with body dysmorphia and preparing balanced meals. I wanted to work on finding meals that I could prepare quickly that didn't overwhelm my brain and work on talking positively toward my body.
My dietitian [Jennifer] helped me to understand how my mind worked in relation to ADHD and meal planning and allowed me to give myself permission to do things that would make my life easier.

Lauren S.

Kind words

from our clients

I have struggled with disordered eating most of my life.

Whitney has encouraged me to make small changes each week, i.e. adding in one extra element at a meal, adding in foods with probiotics for better digestion, sticking to a consistent meal schedule, and working to have a better relationship with my body as it is instead of wanting to change it.


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